Welcome to the launch of the Leadership Development Coaching program. Each cohort is led by Andrea Fruhling, and open to emerging leaders all over the world. Space is limited, please read the details carefully before signing up, and schedule a complimentary discovery call with Andrea if you have questions.

Are you ready?

You’re ready to make a difference in the work you do. You’re finding your footing in your leadership role, or leading from within the team you’re on, and are ready to take the next step in your career. You know continuous learning and career progression are important, but it can be hard to know where, and how to start. You naturally support your friends and colleagues, but sometimes feel like you don’t know what to say, and wish you had some better ways to help people find their way forward, as well as your own.

Join a cohort

This Leadership Development program will help you clarify who you are, and the conditions you need to thrive in the work you do. Over the course of 4 months you will learn easy to apply strategies to help you have better conversations with the people around you, while also increasing your overall sense of self, so you can lead with authenticity, and confidence. With a people-first approach to leadership, you will gain new tools and approaches to help you put theories and research-based strategies into action while simultaneously learning about yourself. Join a small cohort of like-minded professionals, build your network, and learn together in this group coaching program. Draw on the shared knowledge and experiences of your group, and develop your skills as a leader through small group conversations and opportunities for connection.

Schedule a discovery call and see if this is the right next step for you.

What you can expect

  • 4 months of connection

  • Live group coaching sessions with Andrea

  • An online group with your cohort and Andrea to connect and pose questions

  • Some assignments, downloadable resources, and suggestions for action, reading, and research to expand learning

  • A chance to get to know other emerging leaders and expand your network through cohort-based engagement

Topics & themes covered

Gain more awareness and knowledge in the following areas

  • Clarifying vision & purpose

    Expand your vision for personal and career development as you reflect on and clarify your core values and strengths and how your strengths can be activated to support your life, and career development.

  • Identifying & applying strengths

    Clarify your personal strengths and style as a leader and learn to take a strength-based approach to conversations. Learn to take a coaching approach to conversations and the importance of mattering.

  • Approaches to mattering

    Develop strong relationships and a culture for people to thrive as we expand the concept of individual & organizational mattering. Learn to identify hidden strengths in yourself, and others.

  • Systemic mapping

    Focus on the people around you and expand your understanding of your system. Learn about your personal style, how your environment impacts you, and how you can positively impact the people around you.

  • Career development

    Gain skills to engage in personal growth and career decision-making conversations. Clarify who you are, and identify a personal metaphor to understand your growth and hope for the future.

  • Metaphors & innovative thinking

    Inspire innovative thinking and insight through metaphors and creative thinking. Learn to leverage the power of metaphors in coaching conversations while identifying and expanding your own metaphor.

  • Understanding personal style and values

    Identify and prioritize workplace and organizational values. Consider your personal style, and how to recognize the strengths of the people around you and shift your style to lead effectively in a variety of contexts.

  • Adapting & decision-making

    Develop your ability to navigate uncertainty and change, and adapt as needed. Looking ahead to the future, develop a plan of action and consolidate learning to help you gain traction and build momentum as you move forward.

  • Increasing hopefulness

    Increase your level of hopefulness with research-based approaches to development and coaching. Learn about the hope-action theory from a career and organizational coaching perspective and increase hope for yourself, and the people around you.

Experiential learning

Gain insights and increased self-awareness through coaching and interactive experiences. Participate in exercises and join in reflective discussions that help you learn and clarify who you are, while simultaneously equipping you to have more impactful conversations. And, have fun!

Flexible, virtual format

Live sessions will be held over Zoom. Sessions will be recorded and made available to watch, or review as needed. Supporting resources will be available through our online platform to support application and continued learning in between sessions as needed.

Am I a leader?

Being a leader isn't defined by your title or role.

If you're keen to grow and learn more about who you are

If you want to improve the ways you connect with people

If you anticipate moving into a leadership role soon

If you've been leading teams for years

If you lead in a not so traditional way

this program is for you.

Meet Andrea


Andrea Fruhling

Hi I’m Andrea! I’m a Professional Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation), the Founding Director of Doubleknot Works, and a Certified Organizational Coach. I teach organizational coaching and a career coaching masterclass through the University of British Columbia, and am the global ambassador for the International Coaching Federation Career Coaching Community of Practice. I’ve spent most of my life finding ways to support the people around me from individual coaching conversations to leadership roles and facilitation. I love translating complex concepts into practical and engaging conversations, and have an expertise in creative thinking, strengths-based learning, and team engagement. I love seeing the people I connect with learn more about who they are, and gain confidence as they take that knowledge and apply it to their lives at home, and at work. I have spoken for conferences, career development associations, organizations, and client groups all over the world, and work closely with Subject-Matter Experts in the Career Development field (one of them I even call Dad!). The hope-based programs I have developed and co-teach have brought career focused professionals together globally, and continue to increase hopefulness around the world.

Hear from others...

Getting a second wind

Previous group coaching participant

"Participating in a series of group coaching sessions was one of the most effective exercises I have completed as of late. These sessions helped to propel me forward and changed my perspective on the direction of my life. Andrea is thoughtful, kind, and asked challenging questions that stirred up a second wind for my journey! I now feel as though I have a fully equipped “toolbox” that I can utilize in my everyday life as I make decisions and adventure on — both individually and professionally. Don’t hesitate; say yes - jump in with both feet and enjoy the personal development process!"

Trying something new

Previous group coaching participant

"Coaching with Andrea was amazing. She encourages you to ask deep questions and really challenge the way you were thinking. I went in not knowing what I was getting myself into, and not realizing that I would leave having changed. Part of me didn't want to grow or learn—that's painful!— but the safe space of the group encouraged me to try. I didn't feel like I had to be or do anything, but with the group's encouragement I saw how beautiful and vibrant my life could be if I stepped out of my comfort zone. And we were doing it together. I learnt more about myself than I ever knew before. I don't want to lose this passion."

This is your moment!

Rebecca McCarthy, Canadian Career Development Foundation

"Andrea is one of the most articulate, and accomplished coaches I know and if you have the time or opportunity to take advantage of learning directly from her, this is your moment!"

A career transformed

Erin James, Musician & Fashion Designer

"I absolutely loved my sessions with Andrea and my career totally transformed after working with her. She asked all the right questions and helped me to find the answers that I already had within myself without ever telling me what to do. I came away with a clear and organized perspective with practical strategies to achieve what I wanted. Since our time together, I was able to come up with a unique trajectory which has been totally funded for the next three years and I have had so many amazing opportunities that would not have come about had I not had Andrea’s help. I highly recommend her in every respect!"

Live sessions schedule

If you have a last minute emergency or something planned that just can't be avoided don't worry, we record coaching sessions (though it's never quite the same as being there in person). If you have a group and would like to organize a cohort suitable to a specific timezone, reach out to andrea@doubleknot.works directly.

  • Session dates and times will be scheduled and compatible for the PACIFIC TIMEZONE (Vancouver, BC)

  • TBD

  • TBD

  • TBD

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  • TBD

  • TBD


Doubleknot works with individuals, groups, and organizations, equipping leaders and emerging leaders to have more effective conversations, creating a culture for people to thrive. We empower people to discover their own strengths and core values, while simultaneously learning to support the people they work with through practical and engaging workshops, one-on-one coaching, virtual programs, in-house programs, and custom-designed programs tailored to suit your unique learning needs.

Interested in learning more?

Schedule a call, I'm happy to chat

Pricing options

Prices listed in Canadian dollars, international participation welcome.


  • How much time should I plan to spend on this program?

    For every 90-minute session, you can expect to have an additional hour or two of work in response to the content explored, and in preparation for the next session.

  • What if I can't make every session?

    Sessions will be recorded and shared for anyone who can't make it to the live session through our virtual learning platform.

  • What's the cost?

    $2100 CAD or $525 CAD per month over 4 months.

  • The course focuses on leadership development. Am I a leader?

    If you're ready to grow your abilities and strengths, supporting and guiding others along the way, you are a leader. If you're passionate about uncovering and unleashing the potential in the people around you (and yourself), you are a leader. There is no age, title, or level of experience requirement.

  • Who else will be in my cohort?

    You will meet women with varied roles and experiences. Participants have an opportunity to learn together, and from each other as we weave together shared wisdom, each becoming stronger, because of the community that surrounds us.